Vehicle Build Sheet

The Build Sheet is how we determine what we use as a base tune for a given vehicle.

A few things to note prior to submitting the build sheet.
PCM Part Number: I need THE FULL PCM PN. In almost all cases, this in 2 separate sections on the PCM sticker itself. One section may have a number like "56040" and on the other side of the sticker has, in bold and large text, 3 numbers 2 letters (e.g. "237AG") . In this example the full part number is "56040237AG" . This is also written on the sticker in small text where it says "PCM PN". Failure to include this will delay tuning.
Injector Part Number: The injector part number is the part number on the injector itself. Telling me the flow rate is not sufficient info to tune off of.

Customer Name:
City, St ZIP:
Phone Number:
SCT serial# (long number on back of handheld):
Compression Ratio (leave blank if stock):
Quench/Head Gasket Compression Height (leave blank if stock):
Head(s) used, brief description of port work done (leave blank if stock):
Exhaust setup (brief/complete description):
Does vehicle have cats:
Does vehicle tow?/If yes, weight?:
Spark plugs used/Gap (if known):
Do you use nitrous?/Shot size?:
Cam specs (Lift/Duration@.050/LSA) - Leave blank if stock:
Fuel octane/Ethanol %:
Intake manifold/Throttle Body used:
Bottom End Info - Leave blank if stock:
Map Sensor Info:
Injector Part Number on injector - Leave blank if stock:
Fuel system (pump size/line size/return or returnless) - Leave Blank if Stock:
Tire size/gear ratio/torque converter stall if aftermarket:
Vehicle weight additions or reductions (Brief description):

Please enter the following code into the box provided: