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To best serve you we use SCT and HPTuners products to ensure customer satisfaction.
If you have a 1996-2003 Chrysler product , SCT is the way to go as it is the only tuning software/hardware available for those platforms.
If you have a 2004-2014 Chrysler product, you can use either SCT or HPTuners. To make sure you choose the product that is best for you, please contact Ryan at Ryan@FRPTuning.com
2015-2016 model years are supported by both companies, however require an unlocked PCM prior to tuning.  
All FRP tunes contain revised fuel and spark strategies, removal of torque management, increased rev limiter/speed limiter, modified enrichment fueling, remapped drive-by-wire characteristics (for all vehicles with electronic throttle control), revised fan strategies, and many other changes.